Destruction at its Regality
((Robotopia RP Account))

I am the Solar Lord,Sunstar, Commander of the Stardroids.

I am also known by another name...

'The Ultimate Weapon of Destruction'.


A Journal About This Curious Beverage
So, Lord, you wanna hear about my dance-off with that masked birdbrained loser I mentioned?

As I recall, Mercury, you have yet to submit your report.

[Sir Sunstar~? Is there anything you like to eat~?]

[“I do not require food. However, what is on your mind, draconian?”]

H-hello, sir. Do you, by any chance, have an interest in gems and crystals?

That depends. Otherwise, they are pointless.

jerk-in-a-jar replied to your post: Why hello there, your royal sunny highness. How’s…

Alright. Sorry for the delay. Anyway… I’ve seen some Earth robots come and go. No sign of other Stardroids than the two of us, Pluto, and Saturn. By the way, did you get to speak with them yet?

*merely nods in a nonchalant manner*

Pluto has already spoken with me, but it has been a long while since then. I hear he had become acquainted with an Earthling. *snorts in distaste* So long as he hasn’t forgotten about his duty, I care not with his personal affairs.

Saturn, on the other hand, has yet to hand me his report.

Now, you. Why have you taken this long to report?

Why hello there, your royal sunny highness. How's it going?

*clearly he’s used to the rude behavior*

Hmph, about time you showed yourself, Mercury. Your report, if you would.

Ever experienced a caffeine buzz from drinking too much coffee?

Define ‘too much’.

Funsies Friday Topic!


The wars may have made several bots bitter. Are you still mad at King/Wily/Light? Why? Conversely, are you mad at Mega Man for defeating you?

While I have nothing to say about King or Dr. Light, I still find that wrinkled rat of an organic foolish for attempting or even think of attempting to control me. The moment I fired him for his stupidity is a moment of hilarity I will forever cherish. Even an overlord such as I need something to look back and laugh about.

About Megaman, he has earned my respect for managing to best me in combat, albeit while I was still recovering from my cycles-long slumber. No one has been able to accomplish that feat.

I do wonder if he’ll succeed a second time now that I’m fully-awake.

Funsies Friday Topic!


What is your favorite food?

(For those robots who have no mouths/cannot eat, you can answer this: ‘What would you like to eat for the first time?’)

"Coffee. Cafe Bombon if you wish for specifics." Sunstar answered, not even caring that it wasn’t solid food. He didn’t need food anyway; he just felt like answering.

imagequickman-is-quicker replied to your post: Have you ever wanted a pet dragon?

Nah. Our Mecha Dragon can’t be your pet.

You have so much time in your hands. Would you like it to be cut short?

imagequickman-is-quicker replied to your post: Hey, Sunshine. Did you know spring is arriving?

Because winter will be over and the snow will melt.

And this concerns me how?

Season and what not, I rule. People rejoice on my arrival in the first light of Spring, fear me during Summer, be saddened when I turn my back on them at the Fall and the same fools long for me during Winter. Snow has nothing on me.